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Commercial Laundry, Linen, & Towel Cleaning Services in the Piedmont Triad

Do you own a business in the Triad or surrounding areas? The Wishy Washy Laundry offers commercial laundry service for golf courses, massage therapy, spas, salons, restaurants, long term rentals, gyms, apartments, hotel, motels, and other businesses. We will schedule pickup and deliveries around your busy schedule. Let us handle all your towels, sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows, rugs, robes, uniforms, tablecloths, chair covers, linen napkins, cleaning rags, and mop heads. When you use our commercial laundry service, our laundry will be washed and dried completely separate from all other orders and our standard wash includes a host of premier laundry products. The laundry service cost depends on how much laundry you generate, how often you require our service, and what type of laundry it is. Contact us for a bid:

Commercial Laundry and Linen Cleaning Service for Golf Courses and Recreation Centers

Do you own or run a golf course or recreation center? Request a quote from The Wishy Washy Laundry for our commercial laundry service. Let us handle all your tablecloths, linen napkins, chair covers, towels, and uniforms.

Commercial Laundry and Towel Cleaning Service for Massage Therapy Offices, Spas and Salons

Massage Therapy Offices, Spas and Salons use a large amount of towels each day. Don't waste employee resources or run up expensive utility bills washing and drying all your dirty towels each day. Try our towel cleaning service and our laundry attendants will wash, dry, neatly fold, and package all your towels in protective plastic before being delivered back to you.

Commercial Laundry and Linen Cleaning Service for Restaurants

Spills and messes are just part of day to day life in a restaurant. All your tablecloths, napkins, uniforms, aprons, and towels need to be washed and dried daily. When you use our restaurant laundry service, our laundry attendants will make sure all those stains are removed before sending your laundry back to you.

Commercial Laundry and Linen Cleaning Service for Long Term Rentals and Apartments

If you manage long term rentals or apartments, don't worry about maintenance on washers and dryers. We provide laundry for apartments and long term rentals. We will handle all your residents laundry, bedding, rugs, and more.

Commercial Laundry and Linen Cleaning Service for Hotels and Motels

Hotels and motels have a large amount of dirty laundry daily. All that dirty laundry needs to be washed, dried, and ready for your next guest. We offer linen cleaning for all your sheets, blankets, comforters, bath towels, pool towels, rugs, robes, uniforms, and pillows. The Wishy Washy Laundry is here to help! Contact us today for a quote.