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‚ÄčLaundry Pickup & Delivery Service near Winston-Salem, Clemmons, & Lewisville

Is laundry day not your favorite day of the week? The Wishy Washy Laundry has you covered! Try our laundry pick up and delivery near Winston-Salem and surrounding areas Monday-Friday.

We have made scheduling as easy as:

  1. Click "Schedule a Pickup"
  2. Fill out your name and address
  3. Fill out the date you want the laundry pickup service

When you use our laundry pick up and delivery, you will have clean laundry delivered back to you the next weekday.

Pickup &
Delivery Service (Recurring)
Per Pound

**15 lb Minimum Order

Pickup &
Delivery Service (As Needed)
Per Pound

**15 lb Minimum Order

When you schedule our laundry delivery service near Lewisville and surrounding areas, we will sort all clothing into whites, lights, and darks, while verifying that all items are machine washable. Your clothing is washed and dried completely separate from all other orders and our standard wash includes: a host of premier laundry products. We will hang items on request. There is no charge for hung items if you send in your own hangers. Schedule our laundry service pickup and delivery and let laundry day become your favorite day of the week!